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What's unique about KÔR?

  • We keep our class sizes small, ensuring everyone gets individual attention and corrections, keeping safety a priority.

  • We are eco-friendly.  What does that mean? We strive to use products and materials that are safer for humans, animals, and our beautiful ocean and wetlands, right next door. 

  • Most of all, we are family. And not the clicky type. We will welcome you with open arms and can't wait to have you join us.  

Please check out what we offer below, and get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

Text/Call: 657-355-3661    Studio: 714.846-5406    Email:


VIP All Class Pass: 

Pay-as-you-go 16 classes/month $299

Auto debit 16 classes/month $239

Auto debit 12 classes/month $209

Auto debit 8 classes/month $179 


The Nitty Gritty...

  • no pauses except for medical

  • access to ALL classes on the schedule (virtual, outdoor, at/in-studio, mat, apparatus/reformer)

  • class size is limited - small group/semi-private style

  • class cancellations must be made within 24 hours notice to avoid a charge

  • cancellation within 30 days prior to charge to stop autodebit

VIP doesn't work for you? Please see our per-class options below.​


We follow safety precautions that help keep us all safe, including small class size, fresh air flow, physical distancing, FDA/CDC approved non-toxic cleaning protocols and touchless temperature checks. We are doing our best to adapt our studio to meet the ever changing needs and requirements of our clients and our community. 


Call: (714) 846-5406   Text: (657) 355-3661

Classes & Pricing: Text
Classes & Pricing: Classes
single person arm wk reformer KorPhotosh


Get a personalized experience with our amazing instructors tailored to your needs. PILATES INSTRUCTOR

1 Mini Session (25 min) $50

1 Session (55 min) $85

10 Session Package $800 

20 Session Package $1500 

*At studio (in/outdoor) & Zoom options 

*Please ask about In-home pricing

KÔR FOUNDER Rebecca Nelson

(see bio on home page):

1 Mini (25 min) Session $55

20 Mini Sessions ($50/session)

1 Session (55 min) $95

20 Session Package $1800 ($90/session)


Not quite ready to make the leap into a private Pilates session?  Find a friend or family member and schedule a semi-private.  Lengthen and strengthen while staying within your budget! 

Session pricing listed below is based on per person:

1 session $55

5 sessions $260

10 sessions $450


We are excited to offer a unique outdoor experience; our studio location offers a large outdoor space for you to enjoy Pilates (small group & private) in the fresh outdoors!


(including Wetlands Run/Walk):

5 Classes $135

10 Classes $250

20 Classes $440


5 Classes $210

10 Classes $400 

20 Classes $700

VIP PASS Both Apparatus & Mat:

1 month pay-as-you-go pass ($299)



Flow through a set of exercises on the Reformer. Working your entire body - abs, arms, glutes, legs & back.


1 Class $45 

5 Classes $210

10 Classes $400

20 Classes $700 

VIP Pass 16 classes $299 month


This class involves a series of exercises that will help elongate your body by stretching and strengthening your muscles at the same time. Pilates Mat will get your body balanced, strong, and less prone to injury while improving your posture. 

1 Class $30

5 Classes $135

10 Classes $250

20 Classes $440

VIP Pass (access to all mat classes on schedule)1 month pay-as-you-go pass ($189)


Pilates wherever you are! All you need is a device with WiFi access & a mat. During your virtual class your instructor will be giving individual cues the same way as in studio. Pre-recorded classes also available to be viewed at your convenience.


1 Class $30

5 Classes $135

10 Classes $250

20 Classes $440

*Contact us for Virtual apparatus pricing

VIP Pass 

(access to all mat classes on schedule)

1 month pay-as-you-go pass ($189)


kids pilates.jpg
Prenatal pilates.jpg
Classes & Pricing: Classes
Classes & Pricing: Classes

Love Pikes? You'll love this class! Take your Pilates experience to the next level by exploring the Exo; a modern version of Joseph Pilates' Wunda Chair. This class can be very gentle or very challenging, pick the right one for you! 

1 Class $45

5 Classes $210

10 Classes $400

20 Classes $700

VIP Pass 

Autodebit $229 month

Keep your kids moving like kids! KÔR Kids is a great opportunity to teach our children great posture and proper alignment all while having fun! Virtual classes can be done wherever you are!  All you need is a device (laptop, tablet or phone with wi-fi access) and a mat (feel free to purchase one from KOR). An email will be sent to you with details after you sign up. 

1 Class $20

10 Classes for $150

Our goal for the Prenatal mother is to gain functional strength & flexibility, improve pelvic floor function, bring alignment to your pelvis...all to help create an optimal environment for good baby positioning & help you develop a mind/body connection that is vital during labor.

We offer Pre/postnatal Pilates in:

Virtual, In-Studio, Small Group Classes, Private Sessions, Reformer, Exo, Mat

Please see our pricing listed in each category listed above. Or contact us, we are happy to help explain all of your options.

It is recommended you start with Private Pilates first but not a requirement.


Cancellations must be made within 24 hours notice to avoid a charge.

Thank you.

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