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To access our group class schedule and book a group class or private session,

please download the KÔR Pilates app on your phone...



The KÔR Pilates app will allow you to:

  • book classes or private sessions

  • see your upcoming class/private session & full class schedule

  • pay for classes & sessions

Tips when signing in/creating your account on the KÔR Pilates app:

  • be sure to allow *notifications* so you can stay up to date on promotions, schedule changes, etc

  • if your account is not updated you may be asked to sign a waiver and/or put a credit card on file.

*If you search for the KÔR Pilates app in your Apps store, it’s under “KOR Pilates”

(we removed the circumflex over the “O” to make it easier).

Class Schedule

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