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Return to Life

Return To Life, as Joseph Pilates said in his second book written in 1945, "Return To Life Through Contrology". Today, "Contrology" is simply known as "Pilates". Joseph Pilates' first book was entitled, "Your Health". Both of these books encompass what we believe here at KÔR. We take a more comprehensive approach to fitness and health that will meet your individual needs wherever you are in your health journey. Not only will you be feeling your best by regularly practicing Pilates with us but for those interested in more, we provide our clients with support and guidance that goes beyond Pilates when it comes to managing overall health and wellness. We offer a complete line of holistic and medical-grade supplements including detox options exclusively available through KÔR.


Joseph Pilates was not only passionate about Contrology ("Pilates") but he was also inspired by a holistic approach to wellness that incorporated more than body movement...and so are we! We think now more than ever is the time to make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting through Pilates and so much more. Join us! Your future self will thank you. 

Mindful Movement + Mindful Nutrition

KÔR Pilates, an Eco-Friendly studio, backs up to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands and Pacific Coast Highway, giving us that amazing, fresh ocean breeze for our open air group Pilates classes and private sessions. 

Inhale. Exhale.

Breathe again and RETURN TO LIFE.

woman doing mat pilates
Change happens through movement and movement heals.

- Jospeh Pilates

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5200 Warner Avenue, Suite 109 & 110
Huntington Beach, CA 92649, USA

(714) 846-5406

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