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Concerned your child is not getting enough greens, vitamins or looking to promote a healthy gut? We have you covered.  Designed for ages 2 and up this kit includes:


  • Power Greens packed with vitamins and nutrients from organic, heirloom seeds.  This is in a powder form that you can easily make into a delicious smoothie.
  • Superior vitamin D micro emulsion drops (400IU for smaller children, 2000IU for older kids and adults) - no nasty taste.  This drop can be taken by itself or mixed into food or drinks.
  • Amazing Probiotic Tablets.  This tablet disolves quickly and has passed the "yummy kid" test in multiple focus groups.


A Variety of Medical grade brands & natural sources are perfectly picked for this bundle and cannot be purchased without the guidance of a health professional. No MLM products included. GF, Dairy Free & Non-GMO ingredients. No chemicals or article flavors.


KÔR clients receive a complimentary mini consultation with product purchase to ensure you are getting what best fits your individual needs.

Children's Power Punch

$135.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
  • All supplements require an initial consultation with our Functional Nutritional Therapist as our products are high quality, medical grade supplements.

    Current and actively participating KÔR clients will receive their initial mini consultation complimentary, as well as a Special Gratitude Pricing

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